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   Some of our projects:
1- Building shopping center (market) in Najaf in 1976.
2- Building a warehouse in Abu Ghraib for the Ministry of Agriculture in 1976.
3- Building the structure of the National Union building in Baghdad for the Ministry of Housing 1976, at a cost of $1,500,000 (million and five hundred thousand dollars).
4- Building ground cables network and conduit network in the city of Mosul, a length of 155 km at a cost of $ 2,550,000 (two million and five hundred and fifty thousand dollars) in 1977 for the Ministry of Transportation.
5- Building ground cables network and conduit network in the city of Erbil, 110 km length in 1978 for the Ministry of Transportation at a cost of $1,400,000 (million and four hundred thousand dollars).
6 Building public library building in Erbil for the local administration of Erbil years 1978-1981 at a cost of $1,150,000.
7- Building of the Fifth Corps and the military club in Erbil Army base (1980-1984) for the Ministry of Defense at a cost of $11,500,000.
8 Setting up water network inside Erbil army base.
9- setting up lighting network along the Erbil army base (4.5 km) in 1986 at a cost of 930,000 thousand nine hundred and thirty thousand dollars.
10- Establishing Chicken slaughterhouse in Erbil for North Company (14 000 birds\ day on an area of fifty acres.
11 Building road network inside Erbil Army base (1985) at a cost of $2,300,000 (million two and three hundred thousand dollars)
12- Building frozen warehouse (-30 Co) for North Company in Erbil.
13- Reconstruction and expansion of Utaifiyya feed factory in Baghdad (1989) at a cost of $1,500,000 (million and a half million dollars).
14- Building hatchery (32 set) on the area of 10 acres in 1989 for North Company.
15- Designing and building of (18 poultry fields) for North Company in Erbil (1989).
16- Building guest house for the Algerian Embassy in the Mansur district in Baghdad at a cost of ($1,000,000) one million dollars in 1993-1995.
17- Designing and building of dozens of buildings and mosques to the private sector.
18- Design and building a hatchery for Grandparent at the cost of $4,000,000 (four million four million dollars) for Grandparent company for poultry.
19- Building feed factory Rafidain Company at an area of 25 acres at a cost of $5,600,000.
20 Building DFDI bank tower (turnkey) near the intersection of agriculture, Ronaki Street, Erbil at a cost of $2,500,000 (2008).
21 Building a Pedestrian Bridge in front of the Faculty of Engineering / University of Salahaddin (2008).
22- Grandparents poultry project (under study), on area (7500000 m2) near Erbil for grandparents poultry.
23 Building Haroon tower in Erbil on the street 40 meters.
24 Building a mosque (Dr. Nizamuddin Abdul Hamid Mosque) in Erbil 2009-2010 (under construction).
25- Building feed factory for Erbil feed company (under construction).
26- Building four star hotels (14 floors) in Erbil Resident hotel.
27- Building Ronaky tower (under construction)
28- Building 22 greenhouses for Sarkan Agricultural Company in Sarkan Farm.
29- Building frozen stores for Sarkan Agricultural Company (under construction)










Sarkan Group is Iraq's No. 1 choice for construction and Agricultural projects. We have executed many projects in different locations in Iraq, from rbil to Najaf. We are a leading diversified company working in construction, engineering, Agriculture and Consultancy in Iraq.

Our strength emanates from strong and close relationships with our clients. Clients see us as integral to their success. We have a flexible management and we focus on quality and commercial acumen and we have a long term plan for future development.

Quality and ethic are our most valuable assets and we set a high working standard. We apply advanced technology and continually improve and innovate. We thrive on challenge and accomplishment.



To be a pioneer in:

1- Building & construction.
2- Agriculture sector.
3- Investment activity through partnership, alliance, and joint-venture


- Form a network of strategic partnerships and alliance.
- Clients see us as integral to their success




The company was established in 1975 in Baghdad as a third class construction company, but within six years it rose to be a first class company in 1981.

The company was founded late eighties starting with the establishment of a farm with 500,000 meter square for the cultivation of vegetables and fruits.

We distribute more than 70 products.

SARKAN Lighting
Sarkan group of lighting and manufacture for lighting and decoration are considered as on of the Sarkan group



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